What is PC | Features, Parts & Types of PC

Hello friends, today we will learn What is PC? what are the features of PC and How many types of PC.

So let’s start to know about PC.

What is PC
What is PC

What is PC

PC is a cheap, small-size, multipurpose computer which is only designed for a user. For running a PC it doesn’t require any technician and special commands. A simple man can also run this PC.

The complete name of the PC is Personal Computer. The word PC is very popular in ’80s and in 1982 at the world’s most popular Time Magazine article PC got selected for Man of the Year.

Before this computer size was like a room and runs by more than one man at the same time. but Personal Computer technology decreases the size, also Less cost of manufacturing of computer and made it available to the common man along with the rich.

Which Computer Called PC

It is a simple question who we called PC or which computer we called pc.

So let we try to find the answer of this question.

In all the PC’s Microprocessor technology is used. Due to which it became easy to put a CPU on a single chip. Because of this PC’s size comes in our hands from room.

First IBM-compatibles called PC and IBM starts launching their computers by the name IBM PC’s. At that time Apple’s computers were called Macintosh.

IBM using Intel processor and MS-DOS in their PC’s after that Microsoft windows are used. Apple use Mac-os in their Macintosh computer and also they were called MAC.

At that time on those computers in which ms-dos is used for a different identity from Mac, they were called PC’s and today in those computers Microsoft windows were used known as PCs. It includes Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Features of PC’s

  • PCs are smaller in size.
  • PCs are lower in cost and common people can also purchase it.
  • For running a PC we don’t have to become a technique specialist.
  • PC is designed for a single user. Many users can not use it at one time.
  • In working places and home, these computers are used.
  • For entertainment, study, medical, online shopping, e-governance, etc purpose PC is a very suitable device.

Parts of PC

We know that everything is a mixture of different elements. Similarly, like this type PC is also made of different devices Which are telling you about below.

  • Computer Case which mistakenly say as CPU.
  • Power Supply Unit that we know as SMPS
  • Random Access Memory as RAM
  • Motherboard, CPU
  • CD/ DvD Drives/ writers
  • In addition to this other devices like monitor, keyboard, pointing devices are also connected.

Types of Personal Computer

There are several categories of PC, which come in different sizes. 

Desktop computer

A desktop computer is designed to be used on a desk. It consists of a large box called a system unit that contains most of the required components. 

The monitor, keyboard, and mouse all plugged using cable (or in some cases, using wireless technology). They are flexible because you can connect any monitor, keyboard, and mouse to them. Additionally, you can install additional storage drives, memory, and extension cards.


A notebook is a portable personal computer that you can easily carry anywhere. Notebooks are slightly smaller in size than desktop computers. In which keyboard, mouse pad, display screen, speakers can be installed.

A notebook can run most of the same software as a desktop and is similar in performance to a desktop. It is also known as Laptop Computer.


A tablet is a portable personal computer. Which has a touch-sensitive screen. It does not have a keyboard or pointing device;

The software-based keyboard pops up onscreen when needed, and the screen acts as a pointing device.

Tablets are highly portable and convenient computer devices, but they do not typically run desktop computer applications and have limited memory and storage capacity.

 It is smaller than Notebook Computer but larger than Smartphone.


A smartphone is a kind of personal computer. Which has the capability of the internet. Smartphones usually have touch-sensitive screens.

Many mobiles have a variety of location-aware applications, such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and mapping programs, and local business guides.

History of PC

According to computer history, the first “personal computer” was launched in 1971 named Kenbak-1. It had 256 bytes of memory, however, it did not have a CPU and was designed for educational use.

In 1981, a US-based business organization IBM Corporation (IBM- International Business Machine) started production of computers on a large scale and started selling them worldwide.

The computers produced by IBM were small in size and made keeping in mind the personal needs, so their Trademark Personal Computer was kept.

Due to a long-term supply of computers to the world, IBM’s Trademark Computer became a standard in the world.

Uses of PC

Personal computers are used for word processing, Internet communication, sound compositions, and for working with DTP.

PC is the most important part of technology. Nowadays personal computer users have a good knowledge of operating environments and application programs.

Personal computers are used for the following tasks.

  • Running a single operating system.
  • Type a letter using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Pagemaker, etc.
  • Organizing accounts, creating graphs, charts, and sheets using spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Make a presentation using MS PowerPoint.
  • Using Database Management System and Relation Database Management System.
  • Internet services and using WWW, FTP, Telnet etc.
  • Use of general-purpose applications like Tally, customized software, etc.
  • Using desktop publishing software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc.

Today, personal computers are being used not only in the office but also mostly in the home, in playing games and in education. Today’s personal computer has much more capacity than the old personal computer so that it can be used in many ways. 

Today, people have started making money through personal computers, such as doing typing work through the Internet.

Working system  

Computer System is mainly made by connecting many types of small devices. The names of these devices are – Keyboard, Monitor, CPU, Printer etc.

The computer receives instructions from the keyboard or any other Input Device to perform any task.

The CPU, whose full name is Central Processing Unit, calculates according to the instructions received from the keyboard and monitors the results obtained after processing and gives the user with the help of Printer.



Friends, I have tried to give full information about What is PC? What are the features of a PC, What are the uses of PC, and How many Parts & Types of PC.

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If you want a complete tutorial on Computer Fundamentals, then see this article Computer Fundamentals Tutorial. Here you will get all the topics of Computer Fundamentals step by step.

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