What is Supercomputer? Definition, Uses, and Features of Supercomputer

You already heard the name Supercomputer, Today there is a lot of competition around the world regarding supercomputers. Every country wants to have the fastest supercomputer in the world. But the question is, What is supercomputer? And what does it work for?

What is the special thing in it that the whole world is going crazy behind it? Is it a matter of pride for a country to have a supercomputer? If yes, then who is the fastest supercomputer in the world? And where does India stand in this race? 

So come, let’s know about this.

What is Supercomputer
What is Supercomputer

What is Supercomputer

Definition of Supercomputer– Supercomputer is a special type of computer whose computing speed is thousand times faster than our normal computer. it is capable to process any calculation in seconds.

In simple language, a supercomputer is an advanced and powerful machine that can do the work of many computers simultaneously.

The performance of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second) because its performance is very high. It can do 1,000,000,000 (one billion) calculations in a second.

Supercomputers actually work on the principle of parallel processing, where a large task is divided into small parts and the computer solves them differently than all the results are added and we get the final result.

Supercomputer has thousands of Microprocessors, which work together, so its data processing speed is very high and which requires a lot of storage to handle.

it works on all the parts simultaneously so that the work is completed in a short time.

Supercomputers are the most powerful computers whose size is like a small room or house. Supercomputers are used for various calculations, industrial research, and weather information. For processing real-time data, high speed and accuracy is required. 

But friends, do you know why supercomputer is required? if no then let’s know why we use supercomputers

Why we use Supercomputers

Till date, humans have created countless machines but the Computer is the most revolutionary machine among them.

This machine has changed our lives completely. Today, there is no such area where computer is not used, even computer is used everywhere from education to health care and banking to space, but computer also has a limit.

There are many such tasks which an ordinary computer cannot do, so a supercomputer is needed to do such tasks because a supercomputer is many times faster and powerful than an ordinary computer, so it can do such tasks easily.

For the processing of big data or big researches, a supercomputer is required. its calculation speed is 1000 times faster than our Normal computer. The supercomputer is capable of processing real-time data. 

Uses of Supercomputer 

Supercomputers are not used for small jobs because it is very expensive. Also, it consumes manifold energy, hence it is used only in High Performance Scientific Research and scientific experiments. Such as: –

  • Weather department
  • Nuclear weapon
  • Environmental changes
  • Security checking
  • Nuclear power research
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Graphics design
  • Medical research
  • To find  oil and natural gas

Features of Supercomputer

  • At one-time supercomputers can be used by more than one person.
  • Supercomputers are more costly than an ordinary computer.
  • Supercomputer is used to calculate complex calculations in very short time which is not done with the help of a simple computer.
  • Supercomputer more than one processor and for processing, parallel processing is used. so there processing speed is very high.
  • Supercomputer had enormous In size and uses maximum electricity. They were installed in air conditioned room to maintain its cooling.
  • Supercomputer can be used in the scientific institutions, research institutions, development firms, and medical institutions for complex data or research. This can not possible with a simple computer.

Which is the world’s first Supercomputer?

In the year 1964 Seymour cray invented the first super computer for control data corporation. And named it CDC 6600 which has 40 MHz speed.

At that time only one CPU can used in supercomputer which had the capability to perform three million instructions.

Which Operating System Is Used In Supercomputer?

If we talk about the operating system, LINUX OS is used in supercomputers .It is open source.

In Linux OS network support and scalability like features which make it the choice of super computer operating system. in some supercomputers cray os, windows and Mac os also used.

Top 10 Supercomputer in the World

Friends, I would like to tell you that the position of supercomputers changes from time to time as the list of world’s top 500 supercomputers is released twice a year (June and November). In which the ranking of supercomputers changes completely.

For example, Summit was ranked first before June 2020 but is now replaced by Fugaku. 

Now there are more than 500 supercomputer in the world in which America and China have the maximum number of super computer, India has 11 supercomputer.

Currently, these 10 supercomputers are included in the list of Top 10 Supercomputers : – According to Top 10 Supercomputers in the world (November 2020): –

  1. Fugaku (Japan)
  2. Summit (USA)
  3. Sierra (USA)
  4. Sunway TaihuLight (China)
  5. Selene (USA)
  6. Tianhe-2A (China)
  7. JUWELS Booster Module (Germany)
  8. HPC5 (Italy)
  9. Frontera (USA)
  10. Dammam-7 (Saudi Arabia)



In this article, you have learned what is supercomputer? What is the definition uses and Features of Supercomputer.

I hope you have found the answer to your question and you will not have to search about Supercomputer.

However, if you want any information related to supercomputer or related to computer science, then comment below I will clear your all doubts.

If you want a complete tutorial on Computer Fundamentals, then see this article Computer Fundamentals Tutorial. Here you will get all the topics of Computer Fundamentals step by step.

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