What is Mac Computer | Difference between Mac and PC

Hello friends, today we will learn What is Mac Computer? what are the features of Mac Computers and what are the Difference Between Mac Computer and PC.

So let’s start to know about Mac Computer.

What is MAC Computer
What is MAC Computer

What is MAC Computer

Mac is also called a Macintosh computer. it is a single-user computer. It is developed and sold by apple inc. it mac is also known as Apple Macintosh, Apple mac, thin mac, and fat mac, etc.

Mac is the world’s first computer in which Graphical user interface (GUI) were used. And in this, a built-in screen and mouse were used for pointing devices.

Macintosh computers were first presented in the year 1984. After that in 1998 it is presented with the name mac, this for a different identity from PC.

FIrst Macintosh Computer Specifications 

In starting mac computers Motorola 68,000 series microprocessors were used. After which with power PC processor they were replaced. Apart from Motorola processor with basic features mac are launched.

  • Motorola 68,000chip 
  • 512 x 342 black and white built in monitor 
  • 128 kb ram
  • Floppy drive 

Features of Mac

  • in mac computers, first time GUI (Graphical user interface) technology was used
  • It is developed for a single user 
  • It doesn’t require any command for process any task. It can be done through mouse 
  • Mac computers are costly but user’s like its simple design and small size.

Difference Between Mac and PC 

Mac is also a personal computer. Mac computers are designed for single user. so it is also called a personal computer.

But Apple wants to give a different identity to their macintosh computers so apple inc. named their computers mac for its different branding from PC.

Today the computers which run in windows os are called PC.and the computers which runs in Mac OS is were called mac. but both the computers are count in the category of personal computers.

There is a small working process difference between mac and pc because of different operating system.which you get to know below this points.

  • In mac computers, mac os is used and in PC computers mostly windows os is used.
  • Mac computer have brilliant, slim, and unique design. PC design is also get improved now.
  • Windows pc and mac have similarly same features but mac is superior in quality and performance. 
  • PC provides more options of connectivity but mac provides limited options of connectivity. 



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