1. Hi Jeetu .. really informative blog 🙏. But I am however unable to download the pdf 🥺.

    1. go to “download computer fundamentals note pdf” section, and click on the given link below

  2. I jeetu, i want to make notes of computer fundamentals chapter 1 computer basis. So from where does i will got it. I want 1st chapter question answer and lal notes. So please help

    1. I have given a download link in this article so click on the download now link and download chapter 1 pdf notes

  3. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Ty so much sir.It is really informative material.

    1. Ssebulime Jacob says:

      Very organized and relevant information thanks alot.God bless you.

  4. Samuel Praison says:

    I have a problem in downloading please help me

    1. go down and click “Download Now” text and download it through google drive link

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