1. Hi Jeetu .. really informative blog 🙏. But I am however unable to download the pdf 🥺.

    1. go to “download computer fundamentals note pdf” section, and click on the given link below

  2. I jeetu, i want to make notes of computer fundamentals chapter 1 computer basis. So from where does i will got it. I want 1st chapter question answer and lal notes. So please help

    1. I have given a download link in this article so click on the download now link and download chapter 1 pdf notes

      1. Thanks

  3. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Ty so much sir.It is really informative material.

    1. Ssebulime Jacob says:

      Very organized and relevant information thanks alot.God bless you.

  4. Samuel Praison says:

    I have a problem in downloading please help me

    1. go down and click “Download Now” text and download it through google drive link

  5. It would be great if you combine all the notes in one PDF, because I need to download all one by one. BTW thanks

  6. Taker Gatdor says:

    I need it for study

    1. michael chris says:

      very well informative notes , thanks

  7. Raveena Verma says:

    I need fundamental of computer DCA I semester notes

  8. Nice sir good preparations for our exams sir

  9. Abdul Karim Conteh says:

    I’m a beginner to computer science.
    I need the notes for study

  10. Mai computer engineer banana chahta hu

  11. Clinton Ombati says:

    Notes you are providing are good so continue to advertise them

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