What is Software? Definition & Types of Software

Hello Friends Today’s article, we will learn what is software? what are the types of software? and definition of software.

In this previous article, we had to know what is hardware and how many types of hardware are there, so if you have not read that article, then do read it once.

So now without losing time, first of all, let’s understand what is software?

What is Software
What is Software? Definition & Types of Software

What is Software?

Definition -: Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it. We call these set of instructions as programs, which are written in a computer-understood language (machine language).

In the computer hardware can’t do any work on its own. If we have to do any work with him then for that we need to give instructions to the hardware.

We do this work of instructing the hardware with the help of software.

Different software can be loaded on the same hardware to perform different types of tasks by the hardware.

Different Programming languages ​​exist for doing different tasks in the market, with the help of which we can create different software.

Software is such a part of a computer that we cannot touch it even if we want to. Software is made to perform specific tasks on a computer.

Let’s understand about some types of software.

Type of Software

We can divide the software into two parts based on their functions.

  1. System software
  2. Application software

1. System Software

System software is software designed to manage the hardware parts of a computer.

For example: – Windows operating system is a system software that controls all the hardware resources in your computer such as memory, RAM, Processor, etc.

System software controls all the activity in the computer. It controls the functioning of the resources (such as memory, central processing units, etc.) present in your computer.

System software is of three types:

  • Operating System
  • Language processor
  • Utility software

Let’s understand all these types of software one by one.

Operating System

The operating system is software that provides a basic interface between the user and computer hardware.

The operating system provides the necessary hardware resources to run the rest of the application programs in the computer such as Browsers, MS Office, Notepad, Games, etc.

Just as the manager of a hotel manages all the resources of the hotel such as how many rooms are booked in the hotel, how much is left, similarly the operating system acts as a resource manager inside the computer. Which manages the resources of the computer like RAM, CPU, processor, etc.

Examples of operating systems – Window 10, Mac Os, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, etc.

Language Processor

Language processors are software that converts code written in high level language into machine language.

The computer only understands machine language (0 and 1) and the programming that we do is high level language (code like English).

In such a situation, we have to change the code of high level language into machine language in order for the computer to understand our instructions very well.

Several language processors are available in the market to convert high level language code into machine code.

Assembler, compiler, and interpreter are some examples of language processors.

Utility Software

Utility software is software that maintains the computer.

Utility software monitors the working of the operating system. This software provides additional features to the operating system.

Utility software is also called service program and utility routine.

Antivirus, backup software, file manager, and disk compression are some examples of utility software.

So friends, all the software that I have mentioned above, is all system software that is meant for computer systems. Whose job is to manage the computer system.

Let’s now learn about the application software.

2. Application software

Application software are software that are made for specific purpose. Application software are designed and developed according to the user’s requirement.

Some applications are paid and some are free.

Just like WhatsApp is a free messaging application software through which we can message our friends and relatives for free and in the same way application software like ms word, adobe are paid which we have to pay to use.

There are two types of application software:

  • General purpose application software or package
  • Customized application software

General Purpose Application Software or Package

Such applications software are made keeping in mind the basic needs of people. This type of software can be used by all types of people.

Examples -: Word Processor Software, Database Software, Entertainment software, Graphic Designing Softwares, etc. |

Customized Application Software

This software is designed and developed to perform certain tasks for a specific user.



Friends, I have tried to give full information about what is software? what are the types of software? and definition of software.

I hope you have found the answer to your question and you will not have to search anywhere else about what is software? what are the types of software? and definition of software.

However, if you want any information related to this post or related to programming language, computer science, then comment below I will clear your all doubts.

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In this article you get complete information about Computer Software. You get to know what is Software of a Computer. we expect that this article is useful.

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