What is Hardware? List of Computer Hardware

Hello friends today we are going to talking about Computer Hardware.

Today we will learn in detail about, what is hardware? And what are the types of hardware? So without wasting time let’s first understand what is hardware in Computer?

What is Hardware
What is Hardware

What is Hardware in Computer?

Definition -: All those physical parts present inside the computer which we can touch are called computer hardware. When we use the word hardware, we are talking about all the tangible physical parts present in the computer (such as cables, keyboards, monitors, printers, and mousers, etc.).

In Simple Word, hardware is all those physical components that we can see, touch, and feel.

Types of Computer Hardware

We can divide computer hardware into these four categories.

  1. Input devices
  2. Processing devices
  3. Output devices
  4. Storage devices

#1. Input devices

Such computer hardware comes under this category, which is used to take data input from the user.

Let us know about some such input devices.

  • Pointing Devices
  • Game Controller
  • Audio Input Device
  • Bluetooth Peripheral
  • Visual and Imaging Device
  • network device

Pointing Devices

Such computer hardware, using which we take input from the user by clicking or pointing at a particular place in the computer’s monitor, is called Pointing Input Devices.

This includes devices such as mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, multi-touch screen, pen input, motion sensor, graphics tablet, interactive smartboard, and fingerprint scanner.

Game Controller

The hardware that we use to control the game while playing the game is called Game Controller Input Device.

Devices like joystick, gamepad, and steering wheel come Inside it.

Audio Input Device

Such hardware devices, which we use to take input from the user in the form of audio, are called Audio Input Devices.

Devices like microphone and midi keyboard come inside it.

Bluetooth Peripheral

Under this, all those hardware devices come, which connect with the computer with the help of Bluetooth and take input.

Example -: Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Wireless LED monitor, Wireless Printer, Wireless Scanner, Bluetooth Speakers, etc.

Visual and Imaging Device

It includes hardware devices such as webcam, digital camera, digital camcorder, TV capture card, biometric scanner, and barcode reader.

Network device

Under this, devices like Ethernet hardware and Bluetooth / wireless hardware come.

#2. Processing devices

Such computer hardware comes under this category, which is used to process the data received from the user and convert it into a useful information.

Microprocessor which we also call CPU is the main processing device in this category. The AMD microprocessor and the Intel microprocessor are good examples of a processing device.

#3. Output Devices

Such hardware comes under this category, which is used to display the information received from processing.

Devices of this category can be divided into two more parts.

  • Softcopy output device
  • Hardcopy output device

Softcopy Output Device -:

Soft copy output device is a device from which we can see and read the received output but cannot touch it.

Under this, devices like monitors, Projection displays, Speakers, Headphones, and earphones come.

Hardcopy Output Device

Hardcopy output device is a device through which we can touch the received output.

Under this, output devices like Dot matrix printer, 3D printer, Inkjet printer, Laserjet printer, Thermal printer come.

#4. Storage devices

Under this, such computer hardware comes, which is used to store the input data received from the user and the output data received from processing.

It includes storage devices like DRAM, SRAM, ROM, Hard Disk, SSD, optical disks, flash disks, and external disk drives.

Friends, after reading here, you must have understood that what is hardware and how many types of hardware are there.



Friends, I have tried to give you complete information about Computer Hardware very well.

Friends, I hope that in today’s article, you must have got all your answers related to Computer Hardware. and You don’t need to search anywhere about what is Hardware?

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