What is C language And How to Learn C Language [Beginners Guide]

C language is a general-purpose, procedure oriented programming language, developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT & T’S Bell Telephone Laboratories, US. Dennis Ritchie created it to developed Unix Operating System.

If you want to become a Software Engineer, then it very important to have knowledge of some Programming Languages, ​​because you cannot become a software engineer without learning any programming language.

You can start your programming journey with C Language. because C Language is said to be the mother of all other programming languages. When you learn the C programming language very well, then you will be able to learn all other programming languages easily.

In Today’s article, we will learn what is C language?, what is the history of C language, what are the features of C Language, and why C is so important?

Today I will also tell you how you can learn the C language in a very easy way.

So let’s know.

What is C language?

C Language is a general-purpose, programming language. Which was created by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT & T’S Bell Telephone Laboratories. Dennis Ritchie wanted to create an operating system named Unix Operating System. to develop it, the C language was developed.

The special thing is that we can do low-level programming with the help of C language, due to this feature, C programming language is used to make system software such as Operating system, Device Driver, Compiler, etc.

C Language covered the Basic features ( Variable, Data Types, Array, String, Function, Structure, Pointer, Loop, etc.) of all other programming languages, due to which C language is called Mother Language of all other programming languages.

Once you learn C language, you can easily learn all other Programming Languages.

but do you know what is the history of C language? so let’s know about the history of C language  

What is the History of C language?

Before becoming of C Language, in 1966, a person named Martin Richard created a Programming Language named BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language). It was created at AT & T’S Bell Telephone Laboratories, US, by the combining of basic features of all programming languages.

BCPL was not suitable for making large software, as well as coding in low-level style.

Ken Thompson, who worked at AT & T’S Bell Telephone Laboratories along with Martin Richard, created the B language in 1969 by improving BCPL.

Actually, Ken Thompson wanted to create an operating system that needed a good programming language to build and that language was B Language. After creating B language, he created Unix Operating System.

Dennis Ritchie also worked at AT & T’S Bell Telephone Laboratories, which created C Language in 1972, and told Ken Thompson, if we build the Unix Operating System with the help of C Language, then we can add more features to it. The biggest feature was the operating system being portable.

Features of C Language

  • C is a simple and easy programming language.
  • There are commands/instructions like English in C language which are very easy for a programmer to read, understand, and code.
  • C is a Procedure Oriented Programming Language.
  • C is a very powerful and case sensitive programming language.
  • C Language is a Compiler based dynamic programming language.
  • C language is a middle level language due to which both low level and high level programming can be done.
  • The C language is the most commonly used programming language in developing operating systems and embedded systems.
  • C language is a very portable and powerful programming language.
  • C language is a Syntax Based Language.
  • C is a general purpose programming language that covers basic features of all other languages.

In this time you learned what is c language and what is the history of c language but do you know why c language Is so important?

so let’s know why c is so important to learn.

Why is C so important?

If you are a college student then you must learn the C language because C language to be very helpful in your campus requirement process.

Also, if you have not yet learned any programming language, then you can start your learning with C language because C language covers the basic features of all other languages so that you can easily learn any further programming language. 

If C language is your first programming language, then believe me you will understand programming quite well because C language Is very helpful in building our programming skills, as well as C language teaches us to understand the logic.

C Language is very old and popular language. For the last 50 years, the C language has made a place in the hearts of the programmers.

There are many such software in our daily life which are made with the help of C language and which we are using, but we don’t even know in which language these software is made. You can also create some similar software by learning C language. 

let’s know about some applications made with C language -:

  • Oracle and MySql is a software for database management that is built-in C Language.
  • Almost all the device drivers are made in C language. The device ​driver is a tool through which the content of your pen drive is read.
  • Today’s Hot Technology Android’s core library is also written in C language.
  • All the operating systems of today are also made in C language like – Unix Operating System |
  • Many parts of Web Browser are also written in C Language.

So these were some software that was made using C language and many other types of software you can create with the help of C language, so let’s know what other types of software we can make with the help of C language.

Applications of C Language

If you are learning any programming language and you do not know what you can make by learning that language, then you will not be able to do anything by learning that language.

In such a situation, you should know what you are going to do by learning that language, so let’s know what you can make with the help of C language.

  • You can make a good operating system using C Language like- Windows, Linux, Mac. because the major part of this operating system is written in C language.
  • With the help of C Language you can create a Compiler which converts programming language code into machine language.
  • With this, you can create a Text Editor.
  • Utility Software can be created.
  • Can create software with database management like – Oracle, Mysql, etc.
  • Device drivers can be created.

How to learn C language?

C language is also like a natural language. Natural language – like Hindi, English is the medium of communication between two human beings similarly, C language is also a means of communication between humans and computers.

Just like we learn Hindi or English, we have to learn the same language.

Remember when you have learned English, first you have learned its basics like – Alphabets, Characters, Special Symbols, then you must have learned to create Word using it, then Sentence from Word and Paragraph from Sentence.

Similarly, in C language, we will learn some basics like – Tokens, Identifiers, Keyword, Instructions, and when we learn how to make Instructions, then we will start making programs and then software.

Friends, if you want to learn C Language then you must follow our C Language Tutorial, in which I have explained everything from basic to advanced in detail in a very easy way.

There will be many friends who do not have the money to take expensive Courses from a platform like Udemy or to join any coaching institute, so my course will be very helpful for all of them.

To know more about this course, see this post C language Tutorial. Here you will get all the topics of C programming language step by step.

We will provide you the C language tutorial on this website and if possible, we will also provide PDF notes of them.

Best Books To Learn C Language (For Beginners)

If you like to read things from books, then I would like to suggest some two books below.

Yashavant Kanetkar’s Book – Let Us C
S.K. Srivastava’s Book – C in Depth

These are some two good books from where you can learn C language very easily. In these books, all the things have been explained in detail, so that you will not have any problem in understanding things.

If you face any problem in understanding any concept, then you can contact me on my social media platform and or else you can comment on this website directly, I will clear all the concepts and doubts related to your C language.

Hello World Using C language

To give you a little excitement about C programming, I have shown and made a small traditional Hello World program.

#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
printf ("Hello World");
return (0):

Output -:

Hello World

Some interesting facts about C Language

  • C language was not initially called C. It develops from ALGO. C Language Development: ALGO -> BCPL -> B -> Traditional C -> K & R C -> ANSI C -> ANSI / ISO C -> C99 -> C11 -> C18.
  • C is the only programming language that has existed for the longest time in computer programming history.
  • C is a very powerful programming language that has both high level and low level features.
  • C language is seen as the first high-level language in computer programming.
  • The kernel of the most popular operating system Linux is also written in C Language.

FAQ -: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I Learn C Language in 2022?

    Yes, you should learn C language in 2021 because C language makes the basics of your programming more robust so that if you learn another programming language further, you can learn it very easily.

  2. What are the best books to learn C Language?

    If you want to get a book for C language, then you can take Yashavant Kanetkar’s Book Let Us C or You can take S.K. Srivastava Book C in Depth, both books are very good.

  3. Can I learn C language in a month?

    Yes, of course, you can learn C language very easily in a month, in this one month, you can clear the basics of the C language and then you can go for Advance.

  4. What is the best C language IDE/compiler for Windows?

    If your system is 32 bit then you can use Turbo C / C ++ and if your system is 64 bit then you use Code Blocks or visual studio.

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Friends, I hope that you have got all the information related to What is C language and How to learn C language in this post.

I have tried to give you all the information related to C Programming Language in this one post.

However, if you want any information related to this post or related to computer science, then comment below I will clear your all doubts.

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