What is a Programming Language? [Beginners Guide 2022]

Hello friends, do you want to make apps, like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, or a game like GTA, Pubg, Free Fire etc? if yes! then you must have the knowledge of programming and programming language.

But what is programming and what is the programming language, some questions will have to being raised in your mind.

So in today’s article, we will know in detail about, what is programming? And what is a programming language? And what are the types of programming languages?

So you will read this post completely so that you can get complete knowledge of programming and programming language.

What is a Programming Language? [Beginners Guide 2022]
What is Programming Language

First of all, I would like to tell you what is the programs, and why are they used? Because without knowing about it you will not know the basic meaning of programming and programming language

So let’s first know What is the Programs?

What is the Program?

A computer is an electronic device which is used to solve the problem of our daily life in a very accurate and very efficient way.

But the computer does not think and do anything by itself and if we want to do something on the computer, then for that, we need to give him some set of instructions step by step.

“This set of instructions, which we give to the computer in a specific order, is called a program. “

Let’s learn what is programming and what is programming language and what are the types of programming languages?

What is Programming?

Programming or Coding is a method by which we tell the computer in a specific order what to do and how to do it. The person who gives instructions to the computer in a specific order is called a Programmer or Coder. So, the programmer gives instructions to the computer, and the computer works according to that instructions.

What is a Programming language?

“The language we use to give set of instructions to the computer is called the programming language.”

Programming language is a way of communication between a programmer and a computer. We can easily compare computer language to human language. Human language like English, Hindi, Urdu is a medium to communicate between people. In the same way, computer language is also a medium for communicating between programmers and computers.

To help the programmers so that they can communicate with the machine, many programming languages ​​have been developed.

Among them, these are some programming languages ​​like FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, C language, C ++, Java, Python, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Swift, C #, etc.

Types of Programming Languages

Programming Language is divided into two parts depending on the difficulty of understanding the computer -:

  • Low level language
  • High level language

Low level language

Low Level Language is the language which is very close to the machine. The low-level language is very easy to understand by the computer.

Low Level Language is divided into two parts: –

  • Machine level language
  • Assembly language

Let ‘s know what is machine level language and what is assembly language language?

What is Machine level language?

We cannot use human language such as English, Hindi, Urdu to instruct a computer or to tell us what to do because a computer does not understand the human language. It has its own language which is called machine language Or binary language (0 and 1).

Machine language is the 1st generation computer language. In machine language, the instruction we give to the computer is only 0 and 1, which is executed directly by the computer or machine because the computer only knows the machine language.

Example -: If we want to write 9+2 in a computer, with the help of machine language, then for that we need to convert 9, +, 2 into binary code and write it. Whose binary code would be something like this – 1001 00101011 0010

If you do not know well about binary code and decimal code, then you can see this article computer number system once, which will make it easier for you to understand this machine language code.

Machine level language is easy to understand by the computer, but from a programmer’s perspective, it is very difficult. So assembly language was developed to make it a bit simpler.

What is Assembly language?

Assembly language is the second generation computer language. The set of instructions that are given in assembly language use some English like commends or symbolic codes (ADD, PRINT, MOV, SUB, etc.), such code is called Mnemonic.

Writing and understanding code or programs in assembly language became a little easier for the programmer than machine level language, but a bit harder for the computer because the computer only understands machine language.

In such a situation, we had to translate the assembly language into machine language. The translator that is used to translate the code is called Assembler.

Although writing programs in assembly language was easier than before, but the programmers still had to be well aware of all the low level details related to the hardware of the computer.

The data in the assembly language was stored in the computer’s register and each computer had a different set of registers so that the assembly language was not portable.

As the assembly language is a low-level language and it was related to hardware, so that the assembly language programs are very fast executed by the computer.

Advantages of Low Level Language

  • Programs or software that are made in low level language are very fast and memory efficient.
  • Programs use processors and memory very well.
  • Low level language interacts with direct hardware.

Disadvantages of Low Level Language

  • It takes a lot of time to do programming.
  • Programming is very difficult for the programmer.
  • Programs are machine dependent and not portable.
  • It is difficult to develop, debug and maintain.
  • Low-level programs are more error prone.
  • Programmers must have additional knowledge of the computer architecture of a particular machine, for programming in a low-level language.

The low-level language was very difficult for the programmer, so high-level language was developed.

2. High level language

High-level languages are programmers friendly and machine-platform-independent, due to which they are quite portable. The instruction given in high-level language is somewhat similar to English, which makes it very easy for programmers to understand and write programs or code.

Also, an advantage of a high-level language is that the programmer does not need to have all the low-level information related to the hardware of the computer. But high-level language was very difficult for computer to understand because the computer is understood only machine language.

In such a situation, we had to translate high level language into machine language. Compiler and Interpreter are used to translate high level language into machine language.

These compilers and interpreters vary according to different high-level languages. Some high level languages ​​like – FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, C, C ++, Java, etc.

To know better about the compiler, interpreter, and assembler Click here.

Advantages of High Level Language

High-level languages ​​are user friendly.

  • Can be learned easily.
  • Can be maintained easily.
  • High-level language is a machine independent.
  • Once a program is written in high level language, it can be used by compiling and interpreting according to different computers.

Disadvantages of High level language

  • High Level Language has to be translated into machine language which takes time.
  • Slow compared to low level language.
  • Can not communicate with direct hardware.

Difference Between High level language and low level language

  • High level language is a programmer friendly programming language, while low level language is a machine friendly programming language.
  • High level language is easy for programmers to understand and Low level language is difficult for programmers to understand.
  • Debugging in high level language is easy, while debugging in low level language is much more complicated than high level language.
  • High level language is easy to Maintain and maintaining low level language is a bit difficult.
  • High level language is a portable programming language and Low Level Language is not portable.
  • High level language can be run on any platform. But the Low Level Language is dependent on the machine.
  • High level languages ​​require a compiler or interpreter for translation while a low level language requires an assembler for translation.

Why should we learn a Programming language?

Friends, if you want to create apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, a website or a game like Pubg, Free Fire, then for that you need to have knowledge of computer programming language. because The creator of this is either an App Developer, Website developer, or Game developer who has good knowledge about computer programming language.

So if you also want to make all these things, then you should also learn programming language and after that, you will be able to easily make a good game, website or a good app.

Top 5 Programming Language To Learn In 2022

These are some computer languages ​​that you can learn in 2021 and boost your career so that you can get a good job.

  • Python
  • C / C ++
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • SQL

How to learn a Programming language?

Let’s see how you can learn programming language and how to build your Problem Solving Skill.

# 1) Decide What do you Want to Develop

First of all, you have to decide what you want to develop.

# 2) Choose a Language

Select a language so that you can develop that thing because every programming language has its own importance and use.

Some programming language is good for making games, while some websites are good for making websites. So after you have done to decide what to make, then you have to decide which is the best programming language to make that thing and then start learning that language.

# 3) Follow any courses or Tutorials

To learn the language that you have chosen, follow a tutorial or course so that you can learn the basics of that computer language very well.

# 4) Do Daily Practice on coding

After selecting the language and after start learning, you need to practice that language daily so that you can get a good grip on those concepts. So practice Daily Coding.

# 5) improving stop learning

Continue your regular practice even after learning computer language. So that you remember all the things.

# 6) Create A Project

You kept making the project using that computer language, because until you do not create a project, you will not be able to learn that language completely, so it is very important to make a project.

# 7) Explore

When you complete your project, your journey will not end there. You have to explore new things. Explore as much as in the field of computer science. Computer Science is a vast and rich field, so analyze what attracts you the most.

When you start doing all these things, then one day you will be able to easily create a good app, game, or website.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Which Programming language Should I Learn First?

If you have time and want to learn programming from basic then you should start with C Language and if you have less time and you want to learn programming language for job then you should start with Python Programming language.

Q2. What Was The First Programming Language In The World?

FORTRAN (FORMULA TRANSLATION) was the first programming language developed in 1956 by a team led by John Backes at IBM.

Q3. Who Is The World’s First Computer Programmer?

Ada Lovelace is the world’s first computer programmer, his full name is Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. The program that was written in the Analytical Engine, was written by Lady Augusta Ada Byron. which is called the world’s first general purpose computer.

Q4. What Is The Number 1 Programming Language In 2022?

Python programming language is a very popular programming language in today’s time, which is very liked by the people because it is easy to learn and also very easy to do programming.


Friends, I hope after reading this post today, you have learned what is programming and what is a programming language and what are the types of programming languages?

Friends, I hope you have found the answer of your question and you will not have to search about the Computer Programming and Programming Language.

However, if you want any information related to this post or related to programming language, computer science, then comment below I will clear your all doubts 

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