What is an Output Device | Definition & Examples of Output Devices With Images

In this series of computer fundamentals, today we are going to learn about, what is an output device? Why we use it and what are the types of output devices of Computer?

If you want to learn about computers well then you must have the knowledge of the output devices of the computer because the output device is a main part of the computer hardware.

So let’s learn what is an output device ?

What is an Output Device
What is an Output Device

What is an Output Device?

Definition of Output device -: “Output device is the device that performs the task of delivering or displaying the processed data by the computer to the user.”

In simple words, Output Device is a device that receives data from the computer, then converts that data into a human-friendly form (audio, visual, textual, or hard copy) and gives it to the user so that the user can see the output given by the computer. 

Before knowing more about the output device of a computer, let’s learn why we need the output devices…?

Why We Need Output Devices

Although a computer works without an output device, but we need an output device to display and view the work done by the computer.

The only difference between an output device and an input device is that the output device takes data from the computer and gives it to the user while the input device takes the data from the user and gives it to the computer.

For example – When you type something from the keyboard in your computer or mobile, whatever is seen on the screen is visible by the monitor. So, the monitor is an example of an output device and the keyboard is an example of an input device.

We have many output devices according to the type of output we want.

There are 4 categories of output devices – visual, data, print, and sound. Here I am going to tell you about some output devices of these categories.

Let’s learn about some popular output devices of Computer

Different Types of Output Devices

  1. Monitor
  2. Printer
  3. Computer Speakers
  4. Projector
  5. Speech Generating device
  6. J plotter


Monitor is a common output device that displays information in the form of pixels. The more pixels inside the monitor, the picture quality will be better.

It consists of a screen, circuitry, and box to which the circuit is attached. The user can easily see the data processed by the computer through the screen.

There are two types of monitor screens. Which are as follows: –

  • Cathode Ray Tube Monitor (CRT)
  • Flat Panel Screen Monitors

Cathode Ray Tube Monitor (CRT)

Cathode Ray Tube monitors use CRT technology similar to TVs. This technology uses phosphorescent dots to generate Pixels that make images. CRT monitor’s screen is larger in size and consumes more power.

Flat Panel Screen Monitors

These monitors use a thin panel design instead of CRT technology. Their screens are very light and thin, which can be easily carried from one place to another.

This technology uses liquid crystal or plasma to provide output. Light is passed through liquid crystals to form pixels.


It is the most common output device for printing text and photos. Printer is a hardware device that provides computer processed data to the user in the form of hardcopy.

It is an output device that takes texts and graphic data from the computer and transfers that data to the printer.

Printers are commonly used to print text or photos. With the help of the printer, we can print black, white, and colored text or photos.

Modern printers have a high DPI (dots per inch), which produces high-quality images. These modern printers are often used in homes.

Printer is mainly divided into two parts -:

  • Impact printers
  • Non Impact printers.

Impact printer

This type of Printer prints the characters by striking them on the ribbon, and then pressing them onto the paper.

Nowadays these types of printers are not used, because they make lot of noise.

Examples of Impact printer – Character printer, Line Printer

Non-Impact printer

Non-Impact printers are printers that print without hitting the ribbon. Examples of Non-Impact printer – laser printer and inkjet printer etc.

Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers are the most common output devices used with computers. speakers receive audio as input from computer or sound card. This input can be either analog or digital.

Most computer speakers have internal amplifiers that can increase the volume of the sound depending on the needs of the users.

Connect external speakers to the computer only when the user needs loud sound and more bass.


Projector is an output device that takes computer-produced images and projects them onto the screen.

In older versions of Projectors, the image was created by brightening the light through a small transparent lens, while in newer versions Projectors can project the image directly onto the screen using a laser.

The projectors used nowadays are known as video projectors.

The projector is also used in offices, classrooms, auditoriums, and places of worship because it enables a group of people to view videos, presentations, or pictures from a single computer.

Speech- Generating device

Speech-Generating Device, also known as Voice Output Communication Aids, converts text to speech.

Speech-Generating Device speaks loudly to commands entered by the user in the form of text.

J plotter

J plotter or simply plotter is a kind of hardware output device that is used as a printer to create vector graphics. Plotter produces digitally hard copies.

Graphics card sends the design to the plotter. Pens are used to create designs. It is commonly used in engineering.



Friends, I have tried to give full information about What is an Output Device? Why we use output Devices and Types of Output devices of computers.

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