What is Light Pen | Definition & Uses of Light Pen

What is Light Pen

Definition of Light pen -: Light Pen, which is similar to the Normal Pen, is a pointing input device that is used to select the menu or picture display on the screen of a mobile or computer.

What is Light Pen | Definition & Uses of Light Pen

You will usually have seen  the election anchor during the analysis of the election making a special line on the screen of the computer using of light pen and creating a variety of pointed fields during the cricket match (which are pointed in the shape of the circle)

There is a special type of photocell in the small tube of a light pen, through which the draw is done on the screen.

When the tip of the light pen is moved to the monitor screen, and the button of the pen is pressed, its photocell sensing element detects the location of the screen and sends that signal to the CPU.

Uses of Light Pen

  1. Light pens are used closely in graphics design to design graphics.
  2. Light pens are used for painting on computer screens.
  3. This is done to highlight or point to any text or image visible on the monitor.
  4. The light pen can be used as a locator.
  5. Light pens are used in the presentation.

Who Invented Computer light pen?

The first light pen was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) around 1955 as part of a project called “whirlwind”. Its prototype was produced in the US in 1950.

During the sixties, the use of light pens on graphics terminals such as the IBM 2250 was common. For MSX computers, Sanyo created a Light Pen interface cartridge.

Light pens were originally developed around 1955 and in the 1980s, like BBC microcomputers, the use of light pens in home computers also increased.

What are the functions of a light pen?

While working on a computer, a light pen is used as a receptor. This creates pixels on the screen.

The electronic device connected to it creates images from the light on the screen. With this pen, you can work in the same way as a pencil on paper.

Examples of Light Pens

  • Design pen
  • LED Light Pen

1) Design Pen

The “Design Light Pen” is also a type of pen that allows designers to sketch using light. The light pen allows sketching in 3-D.

2) LED Light Pen

LED light pen, light pen is another variation. This pen produces bright colors when squeezed.

Why is light pen used less in the present time?

In the eighties, light pens were used a lot to work on computers. but It was an external device and had to be handled separately while working on the computer, so its use was reduced.

However, it is still used today But compared to earlier uses of the light pen is very little. Light pens have been underutilized ever since the invention of the touch screen.


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