10 Most Important Characteristics of C (Features of C Language )

In this article, we are going to learn about the Characteristics of C language

Before knowing about the Characteristics of C language, you need to know what is C language? To know in detail about the C language, read this article What is C language?

C Language is the oldest programming language in the world that is taught to students in school, college, and university to be familiar with computer programming language.

C Language is mainly used to make System Software such as Operating systems, Compiler, etc. C language covers the basic features of all other programming languages, so it is said that all other languages ​​are derived from the C language.

C Language is a structured programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in 1972.

We can separate each programming language based on its features because their features make them different from the rest of other programming languages.

Let’s know about the characteristics of the C language, which makes it different from the rest of other programming languages.

Features of C Language
Features of C Language

Characteristics / Features of C Language

These are some special Characteristics of C Language, due to which C language has made its place in the hearts of programmers for the last 50 years.

  1. Portability
  2. Powerful Programming Language
  3. Simple Programming Language
  4. Structured Oriented Language
  5. Compiler Based
  6. Syntax Based Language
  7. Efficient use of pointers
  8. Middle level language
  9. Case sensitive
  10. Modularity

1. Portability

C programs are very portable means that C programs can be run easily on different machines or PCs with little change or no change. Compiler and Preprocessor make it possible to run on different PCs.

Read about compiler and preprocessor from here – Compiler and Preprocessor.

2. Powerful Programming Language

C programming language is a very fast and efficient programming language because it uses Data Types, Function, and Control Statements.

3. Simple Programming Language

C language has commands like English, which makes it very easy for programmers to understand the code and write programs.

4. Structured Oriented Language

C Language is a structured oriented programming language. Structured Oriented Programming Language reduces the complexity of the code which leads to a lot of clarity in the programs.

5. Compiler Based

C language is a compiler based programming language. Programs of C language cannot be executed or run without compiling.

6. Syntax Based Language

C language is a Syntax based programming language. Syntax Based Programming Language is the language which treats rules and regulation strictly like C, C ++, Java, etc. If a programming language does not strictly follow rules and regulations, then such programming language is loosely called Syntax-based programming language such as HTML.

7. Efficient Use of Pointers

A pointer is a variable that points or holds the address of another variable, using Pointer greatly increases the performance of programs because the direct memory address is accessed in it. The pointer is used quite well in C language.

8. Middle Level Language

C language is a Middle Level Programming Language, using that low level programming can be done and high level programming can also be done due to which both application software and system software can be made easily with the help of C language.

9. Case Sensitive

C language is a Case Sensitive Programming Language. We understand the meaning of Case Sensitive by an example, if we write such printf in C language and write PRINTF in another place, then in C language, both are different things. This is a special feature of C Language.

If the words written in Lower Case and Upper Case in a programming language have different meanings, then such programming language is called Case Sensitive Programming Language like – C, C ++, JAVA, .NET Programming Language is Case Sensitive Programming Language and such Programming language in which there is no difference between the words written in Lower Case and Upper Case is called Case Insensitive Programming Language. HTML, SQL Language is a case insensitive language.

10. Modularity

In C language, we can divide our code into blocks so that it is easier to read and write the code. It is a technique to design software in which a whole program is divided into several functions or blocks.

Some Interesting facts related to C Language

  • C programming language was originally designed to develop the Unix operating system.
  • A standard of C language was released by ANSI in 1988, after that, it was called C88.
  • Linux OS, Mysql is written in C language.
  • C language is written in assembly language.

Application of C Language

  • C language is used to create Computer Application Software like Databases, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Embedded software is used in writing.
  • C language is used to create system software such as Operating System
  • To create applications related to Graphics such as Computer and Mobile games |
  • Unix kernel has been fully developed in C language.
  • C Language is used to create Network Devices and Device drivers.
  • C language is used to make a compiler. The compiler converts the high level code into low level code or machine code.

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Friends, let’s understand briefly what we learned in this post 

  • C is a simple and powerful programming language.
  • C languages ​​are quite portable.
  • C is a Structured Oriented, Syntax Based Programming Language.
  • C is a Middle Level Language.
  • C language is Case Sensitive, Compiler Based Programming Language.

Friends, after reading this post today, I hope that you have got a good knowledge about the Characteristics of C language.

However, if you want any information related to this post or related to programming language, computer science, then comment below I will clear your all doubts.

If you want a complete tutorial of C language, then see here C Language Tutorial. Here you will get all the topics of C Programming Tutorial step by step.

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