What is Data, Information And Knowledge? What do You Think ?

Hello friends today we are going to talking about data, information, and knowledge.

Today we will learn in detail about what is data? What is information and what is knowledge? And what is the difference between data, information, and knowledge?

So let’s understand

Data Information And Knowledge
Data Information And Knowledge

All of you have thought at some point in your mind that what is this data, information, and knowledge? And what is the difference between them?

Are these three the same or are these three different? If you do not know now, then let me tell you that in reality, Data, Information, and Knowledge are not the same.

All three have their own distinct meaning. The three words Data, Information, and Knowledge are used in different synonyms.

Today I am going to tell you where and in what condition these three are used with examples so that you do not have any doubts about data, information and knowledge later.

So let’s first know what is data?

What is Data?

Data is a collection of information present in many small units. Which can be in the form of different formats like – text, number, media, byte, etc.

The word “data” is derived from the word “datum” which means “a piece of information”. So the word “data” is the plural form of the word “datum”. Which means collection of information.

Data is a collection of similar information which is processed and obtained information.

For example -: If we have the data of marks obtained by the students of a class in the exam, then on the basis of that data or by processing that data we can tell which student has the highest marks in the class, Which student has the lowest marks and what is the average marks of the students in the class?

So in this example, we had the data of marks obtained by the students, on the basis of which we have extracted many information (like who got the highest marks, who got the least marks, etc.).

Let’s understand through another example what is data?

You must have made a project or assignment in school or college. To make it, you must have taken the help of a book, a website or a teacher.

So what these books and websites are is a data in your eyes, using which you extracted a lot of information and completed your assignment.

But that book and website must have taken its reference from somewhere else, so in their view, that reference was a data from which they wrote the book and website article.

Similarly, when you give this assignment to your friend and when he completes his assignment after seeing this assignment of yours, then in his eyes your assignment will be a data which he will complete his assignment after seeing.

So we can say that something is data or information, it also depends on the front.

Definition of Data -: Data is an unorganized raw, facts and figures that need to be processed. Data without processing seems useless to humans.

Friends, till now you must have understood that what is data, let us now know what is information?

What is Information?

Information is a set of data that is processed and obtained as per the requirement.

When any meaningful information is extracted by processing any data, then that meaningful information is called information.

Let us understand this thing with an example.

When you have to go somewhere by train, first of all you see the arrival and departure timings of that train in the train time table.

In that train time table, there are many arrival and departure times of many trains, out of which you only see the time of that train by which you have to go somewhere.

So here this train time table is a collection of many data, from which the data you extracted is information for you.

So we can say that information is obtained by processing the data.

Some Other Examples of information

See the example data below

  • 4,8,12,16
  • dog, cat, cow, cockatoo
  • 161.2, 175.3, 166.4, 164.7, 169.3

The data you see above makes no sense unless we give meaning to it.

If we give any meaning to the data given above, then that data becomes meaningful and this is what we call information.

  • 4, 8, 12 and 16 are the first four numbers in the 4 x table.
  • Dog, cat, cow is a part of the list of domestic pets.
  • 165, 175.2, 186.3, 164.3, 169.3 are the height of 14 year old students.

When we gave meaning to the above data, it turned into a meaning full information.

Come friends, now we know what is knowledge?

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is a collection of insights, experiences and information of a person. Which helps that person to solve future problems.

Every person’s knowledge is different, which he gets from experiments and experiences.

Characteristics of Knowledge

Some important features of knowledge are as follows

  • Knowledge is accurate because it tells the right situation.
  • It provides all the necessary data.
  • Meaningful and useful for the decision making process.
  • It minimizes the uncertainties and guesswork for taking action.



Friends, today we know what is data? What is Information? And what is knowledge? And what is different between data, information and Knowledge.

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