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Today we are going to talking about the basic components of computer.

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Basic Components of Computer
Basic Components of Computer

Basic Components of Computer

In all types of computers, these are some of the basic key components that take input from the user and convert it into useful information for them. These are the basic 5 main components of a computer which are given below:

  1. Input devices
  2. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  3. Output devices
  4. Primary memory
  5. Secondary memory

All these components have the following functions:

1. Inputting

This is a process in which data, facts, or any information is taken into the computer as input. Taking input is done by the Input Device.

2. Storing

Computer has a primary and secondary memory to store data and information. This is used to store the data in primary memory before sending it to the CPU for processing, then sends the data to the CPU, when the CPU processes that data, then stores it in secondary memory before being shown as such output. All these processes are called storing.

3. Processing

Raw information is converted into useful information by processing. These tasks of processing are done by the CPU. It takes raw data from storage, then processes it and converts it into useful information, and then sends it back to storage.

4. Outputting

Outputting is a process in which the data processed by the CPU is presented to the user through output devices such as monitors, printers, and speakers.

5. Controlling

The task of controlling is done by the control unit. The control unit is a part of the CPU. The control unit ensures that all basic functions are executed correctly and in the correct sequence.

Main Parts of the Computer

Based on the work done by these basic components (input device, CPU, output device, primary memory, secondary memory) we can divide all these into 4 units -:

  1. Input unit
  2. Central processing unit
  3. Output unit
  4. Storage Unit

1. Input Unit

Inside the input unit, such devices come with the help of which we are able to enter the data in the computer. This unit creates a link between the user and the computer.

The input unit translates the data entered by the user into a computer understandable form. Under the input unit, devices like Keyboard, mouse, light pen, touch screen, etc. are includes.

2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit (CPU) is also known as the brain of the computer. The CPU works on all types of data processing operations. It controls the functions of the computer.

The CPU can be divided into three parts:

  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  • Memory unit
  • Control unit

To know in detail about all these parts of CPU, read this article – What is CPU (Central Processing Unit)

3. Output Unit

  • Inside the output unit, such devices come with the help of which we get information from the computer.
  • The output unit translates the output data given by the computer into a user-understandable form.
  • Under the output unit, devices like monitor, speaker, etc are includes.

Let’s now see through this picture how these three units are connected together -:

Basic Components of Computer | Parts pf the computer
Basic Components of Computer

4. Storage Unit

  • Storage unit is a device with the help of which we can store the output or result received from the CPU.
  • In the storage unit, we store things like computer programs, applications, software, files, etc.

Many storage devices like primary memory, secondary memory, cache memory, register memory, etc. are used to easy access of data to the CPU. We will get to know all these memory devices well in our upcoming article.



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